1st CHERN research and communication skills workshop

The first cycle of our Online Series concluded with a CHERN research and communication skills workshop – Effectively Communicating Your China Research. The workshop held by CHERN’s Science Communication Manager Jelena Gledić (University of Belgrade) is aimed to help you enhance your science communication skills. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just making your first steps in the world of science, getting your point across and presenting your research to peers or the general public always has its challenges. This workshop aims to cover the basics of communicating your work effectively and efficiently and engaging different types of audiences.

Following the latest trends in science communication and state-of-the-art training offered by the COST academy, CHERN’s Science Communication Manager covered the following topics:

  • Choosing your platform – deciding where to publish your research, but also where and how to publicize it, is a crucial determinant for the impact it will have
  • Knowing your audience – regardless of the platform you choose, you need to adjust your message so that it leaves the right impression
  • Managing your effort – there is only so much time in the day, and understanding the odds of achieving your goals can help you choose how to spend it more wisely
  • Minding the mindset – research related to China and Europe will likely always be understood within the context of existing preconceptions
  • Utilizing CHERN – to maximize the networking potential that CHERN offers, you need to know the options and requirements for sharing your work via CHERN

Through the workshop, participants learned how to enhance their science communication skills and strategies and become more effective, efficient, and engaging!

The event took place on Zoom on Feb 25, 2021

05:00 PM Amsterdam


Jelena Gledić

University of Belgrade

CHERN Science Communication Manager

Jelena Gledić is Senior Instructor at the University of Belgrade. In addition to her teaching and research in the domain of Chinese studies, she has been active in the field of learning and research innovation. Through numerous local, national and international projects and extensive fieldwork, she has been trying to combine the principles of critical thinking and rigorous research practices to create more effective and engaging communicative and educational practices for an increasingly connected world. She has designed and held workshops and trainings in the domains of communication and presentation, critical thinking, research methodology, work organization, teaching skills and much more, for teachers and students across the globe in the US, UK, Switzerland, Serbia, China and Japan.

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