4th CHERN Research and Communication Skills Workshop

The fourth cycle of the CHERN Online Series continues with a Research and Communication Skills Workshop entitled Doing case study research on Chinese firms in Europe.

In this webinar, you will learn about data collection from Chinese interviewees. We will discuss how to win trust and ensure the accuracy of data collected. In data collection, the unit of analysis can be an individual but also the actor: European subsidiaries of Chinese firms in Europe with their interactions, actions, relationships, and networks.

We will walk you through how to go about the collection of documented material prior to data collection through interviews; importance of the archival data (such as slogans, brochures, newsletters, and web pages) which will enhance the construct validity of the study (Piekkari, R., Welch, C., & Paavilainen, E. (2009). The case study as disciplinary convention: Evidence from international business journals. Organizational research methods, 12(3), 567-589.).

Then, we will move to data analysis based on the grounded theory to theorize from process data and identify generative mechanisms. According to Corbin and Strauss ((2008). Basics of qualitative research. SAGE Publications), “process is ongoing action/interaction/emotion taken in response to situations, or problems, often with the purpose of reaching a goal or handling a problem” (2008: 96).

We will discuss the key stages in the data analysis and coding as conducted by the research team composed of one European and Chinese scholars who independently code all the interviews.


The event took place on Zoom May 12, 20221

15:00 Amsterdam


Shuang LIANG


Dr. Shuang Liang is the User Experience Research lead in ClickPaaS. She leads a team working on collecting and analyzing qualitative data, providing UX research reports and working with ClickPaaS top management team to ensure better low-code platform products and services for customers.

Prior to starting working in ClickPaaS, Shuang Liang received her doctorate in 2020 from the University of Zurich on social identity process in mergers and acquisitions. She was a member of CLBO (Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations) and the SNSF project “Identity construction in organizations nested in larger structures: a multiple case study of Sino-European M&As”. Shuang Liang specializes in qualitative research method, her research interests lie in the field of Organizational Behavior, Social Identity Theory, Industrial Culture and Leadership in Digital Transformation.


School of Management and Engineering Vaud,
HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland

Anna Lupina-Wegener is a Full Professor at the HEIG-VD within HES-SO and she is head of the Intercultural Management Team. Anna investigates socio-cultural integration processes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&As), change- and internationalization processes. In cross-cultural settings, she is interested in how managers, engineers and entrepreneurs develop collaborations with multiple stakeholders and how they overcome interpersonal, intergroup or interorganizational conflicts. Over 20 years, she has built a strong expertise on enabling effective cross-cultural collaborations. She provides guidance and advice to managers and executives based on the insights she gathered through multiple projects looking into collaborations of European managers and managers in economies in transition: Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland and Russia. Throughout her academic career, Anna has acquired external research funding, received grants and scholarships, as well as she has led various research projects and has been invited to participate in international, including externally funded projects (e.g. http://p3.snf.ch/project-163106 ). Anna’s research was published among the others at the Management International Review, British Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Organizational Change Management and Business Horizons. Anna has taught undergraduate, graduate, executive courses on international management, cross-cultural communication and organizational behaviour (e.g. China Market Mindset; Managing Multicultural Teams Effectively).

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