“Addressing the emerging New Cold War narrative on China – the role and space of European academics” – WG4 workshop invitation

CHERN’s Working Group 4 (Public diplomacy and knowledge production) is inviting you to a workshop on Addressing the emerging New Cold War narrative on China – the role and space of European academics. The workshop will be organized September 24th-25th, 2021, in a hybrid format – in Berlin and online. 


The invitation is open to the whole CHERN membership!

The increasing politicization of discourses on China and the emergence of a new Cold War narrative raise great challenges for scholars working on China. They face the pressure of having to take sides on a daily basis: ”are you for or against China?” It is getting increasingly difficult to avoid being labelled either as a strong supporter or a fierce opponent of China and to push back with the argument that academia stands for nuanced and grounded views. There is a growing need to discuss our role and space openly and sincerely to cope with these tensions and avoid being instrumentalized. The workshop is designed to create a ”safe space” for exchange and stimulate ideas for de-escalation in the academic setting. There will not be any traditional academic presentations, instead you are expected to share your experiences and be active throughout the workshop as well as (co)create some output (like one-pagers, thoughtpieces etc. along the way).

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