China’s Digital Power: Assessing the Implications for the EU – new publication

China’s Digital Power: Assessing the Implications for the EU – new publication

A new report of the European research consortium Digital Power China, edited by CHERN Working Group 2 (High-technology and innovation) coordinator Tim Rühlig and supported through CHERN, has been published.

China’s rapid emergence as a technical power creates new economic, political, security, and ideational challenges for Europe. Meeting them requires greater knowledge of China’s digital ambitions and their impact, as well as questioning long-held beliefs on how digital economies develop and how states and technologies interact. This report offers analysis and recommendations for recalibrating EU policy in light of China’s growing technological footprint.


Getting China’s digital technology policy right: implications for the EU – Rogier Creemers, Carlo Fischione, Tim Rühlig

Europe’s dependence on Chinese semiconductor manufacturing – Jan-Peter Kleinhans, John Lee

Wireless networks and EU-China relations beyond the “Huawei debate”: Is China a partner, competitor or systemic rival on 5G and 6G?  Liesbet van der Perre, Tim Rühlig

AI and IoT Developments in China and the Relevance for EU Policy – a scoping study  Carlo Fischione, Sanne van der Lugt, Frans-Paul van der Putten

Inflaming Transatlantic Tensions? China’s Public Diplomacy Efforts to Influence EU-US Relations  Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Elena Ferrari, Julia Voo

Power competition and China’s technical standardisation  Maja Björk, Tim Rühlig 

Projecting digital power internationally: Europe’s digital China challenge  Brigitte Dekker, Maaike Okano-Heijmans

The Digital Power China research (DPC) consortium is a gathering of China experts and engineers based in eight European research institutions, including universities and think tanks. In addition, a European non-resident fellow of a US research institution has joined DPC. The group is devoted to track and analyse China’s growing footprint in digital technologies and its implications for the European Union. Based on interdisciplinary research DPC offers concrete policy advise to the EU. Tim Rühlig, Research Fellow at the German Council on Foreign
Relations (DGAP), is the convenor of DPC and co-chairs the initiative with Carlo Fischione, who is a Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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