If you are a CHERN member and you need help with administrative issues

contact CHERN's Grant Holder
Alexandra Filius

If you have suggestions or questions related to the website

contact CHERN's Science Communication Manager
Jelena Gledić

If you are interested in joining our Working Groups, please apply through e-COST:

You will need to create an account if you do not have one. Your application will be forwarded to the WG leader for approval.

If you have an idea for hosting a Short Term Scientific Mission

contact CHERN's STSM Coordinator
Martina Bofulin

If you have an idea for organizing a Training School

contact CHERN's Training School Coordinator
Anna Lupina-Wegener

For outreach to policy makers

contact CHERN Vice Chair
Jeffrey Henderson

For other queries related to the action

contact CHERN Chair
Nana de Graaff

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