‘Follow the Surplus: drawing from ethnographic fieldwork on Chinese entrepreneurial migration to South Africa and highlighting what these practices mean to ordinary Chinese and African actors’

Join PROFESSOR GILES MOHAN, Dr. INDRAJIT ROY and Dr. NANA de GRAAFF to hear the latest in cutting edge research on how China’s rise is reshaping the global economy, the liberal international order and the meaning of development.

In the China, Europe and the changing global order webinar series, graduate students and early career scholars present their work in conjunction with our REDEFINE project at the Open University, University of York, and CHERN.

In the second ‘China, Europe and the changing global order’ webinar, Mingwei Huang (
Assistant Professor Dartmouth College, United States) will talk about Chinese entrepreneurial migration to South Africa.

Audience Q&A will follow.

July 12, 13:30-15:00 CEST

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