How can higher education respond to the changing geopolitics? – CHERN Workshop at Utrecht University Summer School

Within the Utrecht University Summer School ‘Understanding Internationalisation: Higher Education in a Changing Global Context’, CHERN will organize a workshop entitled How can higher education respond to the changing geopolitics? An International Relations perspective on the EU-China-US context for HE. The workshop is organized by CHERN members Marijk van der Wende, Jelena Gledic and Alexandra Filius, who are also part of the Summer School’s Course Committee.

The course will take place in August 2022 and the themes that will be discussed, in both a theoretical and applied manner, include:

1. Europe in the World: the EU in action

2. Understanding Internationalization: external and internal dimensions

3. Engaged students: developing empathy for global engagement

Interested graduate students and professionals are welcome to apply – applications are accepted until May 1st.

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