Would you like to become a member of CHERN?

Like any COST Action, you can become part of CHERN as a Working Group member and a Management Committee member.

CHERN Working Group Member

As a working group member of one or several of the CHERN Working Groups you will receive regular updates and newsletters from CHERN and the Working Groups of your interest, as well as information and calls for participation in various CHERN activities: e.g. workshops, webinars, Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM), Training schools, ITC grants, opportunities to publish CHERN working papers or CHERN blogs.

If you are interested in joining our Working Groups, please fill in this form:

You will be redirected to the online platform of the COST Association and you will need to log in or register if you do not have an e-COST account.

Your application will be forwarded to the WG leader for approval.

CHERN Management Committee

If in addition you are interested in becoming part of CHERN’s COST Management Committee (an MC member), please visit COST’s information page for details on application procedures.

For each Action, up to two representatives per COST Member can be nominated to the MC. To see the countries and MC members currently involved in CHERN, please visit our Action’s page on the COST website.

You can also just follow our activities by subscribing to email updates and take part in CHERN’s activities for the public. 

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