Publication of CHERN research on China and Europe’s economic future

A collection of research articles by CHERN members on the consequences of Chinese involvements for the future of European economies has recently been published as a Special Issue of the prestigious journal, Development and Change. Edited by CHERN Vice Chair and Chair, Jeffrey Henderson and Nana de Graaff, The Wind from the East: China and the Economic Future of Europe (Development and Change, 52/5, 2021), contains articles on: China and European economic development (by Jeffrey Henderson, Magnus Feldmann and Nana de Graaff); European responses to Chinese FDI (by Louis Brennan and Alessandra Vecchi); Chinese corporate takeovers and European innovation (by Jeffrey Henderson and Mike Hooper); China’s techno-nationalism (by Sean Kenji Starrs and Julian Germann); Sino-European elite networks (by Nana de Graaff and Diliara Valeeva); Huawei and security (by Karsten Friis and Olav Lysne); China’s approach to technical standards and its dangers for Europe (by Tim Rühlig and Tobias ten Brink); Chinese finance in Central-Eastern Europe (by Nicholas Jepson); and Chinese sovereign wealth funds in Europe (by Imogen Liu and Adam Dixon).

A number of these articles are path-breaking and/or provide new details and interpretations on some of the political-economic aspects of the China-in-Europe phenomenon. As such, The Wind from the East is probably the most significant scholarly contribution yet published on the implications of China’s economic engagements with Europe.

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