Title of completed STSMSTSM applicant and hostCHERN Working Group

The public-private divide in European and Chinese financial market regulation: The case of central counterparties


Johannes Petry

(Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt) — Matthias Thiemann (Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE), Science Po Paris)


Understanding the globalization of Chinese companies from below


Jiawei Hai (King’s College London)

— Martina Bofulin (Research Center of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)


Linglong: How China’s first European tire factory transformed the public discourse around Chinese investments in Serbia


Aleksandar Matković  (Institute of Economic Sciences Belgrade)

— Maggi W.H. Leung (University of Amsterdam)


Scientific Research Cooperation between China and Iceland under the Polar Silk Road


Fridrik Thorsson (University of Akureyri) — Juha Vuori (University of Tampere)4

Chinese Urban Real Estate Investment in Europe: Scoping Study


Yuelu He (University of Barcelona) — Sofia Gaspar (Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)Cross-WG Real-estate group

Chinese Urban Real Estate Investments in Europe: Scoping Study


Sirma Altun (Ankara University) — Nicholas Jepson (University of Manchester)Cross-WG Real-estate group

Chinese Urban Real Estate Investments in Europe: Scoping Study


Alejandra Pizarro Choy (University of St Andrews) — Elia Apostolopoulou (The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB)Cross-WG Real-estate group

Rapid STSM for WG4 special issue preparations


Agota Revesz (Technische Universität Berlin) — Duncan Freeman (Vrije Unversiteit Brussel)Rapid STSM
Rapid Short-term Scientific Mission: How to cooperate with a systemic rivalTim Ruhlig (German Council of Foreign Relations) — Miguel Otero (Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid)Rapid STSM
Best practices for training in computational methods in Contemporary Chinese studiesLi-Hsin Chang (University of Turku) — Philip Wenzel Kyhl (Nordic Institute for Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen)Rapid STSM
The impact of China’s border shutdown on the career trajectories of university students of Chinese based in Italy and FranceLudovica Lena (INALCO
Paris) — Federico Masini (La Sapienza University Rome)
Rapid STSM

Title of completed STSM

STSM applicant and host

CHERN Working Group

Mapping of Chinese investements in Europe’s agriculture and food sector

Anabela Santiago (University of Aveiro) — Niall Duggan (University College Cork)


Chinese elite migrants in Europe

Fanni Beck (CEU) — Sofia Gaspar (Iscte Lisbon)


Chinese construction projects in the Balkans: baseline study

Imogen Tao (University of Maasctricht) — Elena Jovičić (Belgrade Institute of Economic Sciences)


Mapping EU – China Infrastructure investment policies and regulations

Yue Wang (Tampere University) — Giles Monihan (Open University UK)


China’s digital power and implications for the EU

Jan Peter Kleinhans (Stiftung Neue Verantwort) — Tim Ruhlig (Swedish Institute of International Affairs)


China’s engagement in European Research, Innovation and Higher education

Mikkel Mouritzen (Roskilde University) — Andrea Strelcova (Max Planck Institute of History of Science)


China’s engagement in European Research, Innovation and Higher education

Su Yun Woo (University of Zurich) — Andrea Strelcova (Max Planck Institute of History of Science)


Communicating China research in Europe and beyond

Jelena Gledić (University of Belgrade) — Nana de Graaf (University of Amsterdam)


Building a database of official Chinese finance in Europe

Oyuna Baldakova (Freie Universitat Berlin) — Adam Dixon (University of Maastricht)


Chinese infrastracture FDI and spatial planning procedures in South  East Europe

Miljan Radunović (Singidunum University Belgrade) — Franziska Sielker (Cambridge University)


Lessons for Europe from Chinese engagements and democratization in Africa

Gul-I-Hina Shahzad (University of Milan, IIAS) — Mattjihs Bogaards (CEU)


Chinese financial institutions in Europe

Miljan Radunović (Singidunum University Belgrade) — Anna Lupina Wegener (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland)


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