Technology-Migration Interlinkages of Chinese Mobilities in Europe – CHERN call for papers and workshop

CHERN Working group 5 (Labour and migration) is inviting you to apply for an interdisciplinary workshop that will be held at the University of Amsterdam on 7–8 September 2023. The deadline for applications is April 30th.

The workshop invites papers that explore themes, such as – but not restricted to – the following questions regarding China in Europe:

  • How do technologies such as passports, means of transportation, financial infrastructures, as well as platforms for job searches, studying abroad, immigration and dating enable migration?
  • How do technologies such as border fences, visas and surveillance cameras inhibit, transform or postpone migration?
  • How do technologies like computers, mobile phones and internet networks spur the imaginations and plans of future migrants?
  • How do remote working technologies facilitate “virtual migration” (Aneesh 2006), whereby people stay in their places of origin, but work remotely for companies based in other countries around the world?
  • How do migrants and their friends, relatives and colleagues who stay in China use technologies like WeChat and Alipay to stay connected and maintain social relationships? 
  • How are technologies embodied in migrants, and how do they connect migrants and non-migrants, e.g. in the form of shared knowledge and techniques? 
  • How do technologies shape migrants’ bodies, e.g. when consulting online doctors?
  • How do technologies and related knowledge and skills migrate alongside migrants, e.g. in view of knowledge migration and talent recruitment?

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