Adjusting to the intensification of online cooperation, COST has enabled CHERN to define a Virtual Networking Strategy (VNS) which envisions new types of activities and offers a new type of funding

CHERN open calls
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The Virtual Mobility (VM) Grant is a new kind of funding opportunity offered by CHERN. We are currently offering up to 6 VM Grants, each a maximum of €1500 depending on the scope and complexity of the proposal, focused on two activities:

1. Joint publication

2. Building a CHERN expert database 

For each of the two activities CHERN members can either develop a call for partners or submit an application. For the joint publication, a joint application of a minimum of 2 researchers is required. Please note that the deadline for submitting a call for partners is two weeks before the deadline for applications.

VNS Manager

Alexandra Filius

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

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